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How to know what are my targets

Most of the people in this world are driven by targets.

But often if I ask for targets they don't know what targets they have. My next question always is why they are coming in the office...not seldom this is the time of silence.

Actually their are just some targets roots to take in account.

1. My Business Targets #Businesstargets

If your boss is not giving you business targets by itself ask him! Nevertheless you have personal targets as well. Theoretically you are acting as an entrepreneur inside the company you are working for as well.

As an entrepreneur you have to make transparent on which key figures your business is based. For help I recommend to take an business consultant or to use a business model #Canvas and #PainsAndGains

Your business model should show on which key figures you have to focus on. Even you are an entrepreneur or employee, the Pains&Gains-Model as well as the Canvas Model is very helpful. My recommendation, first taking care about the pains and gains of your business partners and then the Canvas if useful.

I recommend always start with the Customer Pains and Customer Gains. That creates your usecases of your product & services. If there is nothing, think about the necessaty of this relation to the customer, your product and your customer structure.

The canvas model is much more complex and requires time to fill out. But it shows you exactly how you generate values, which product you deliver, with which partners, distribution channels and cost structures. For the professional I really recommend to read the book "Business Model Generation" from Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. There are a lot of exciting real use cases inside.

2. My Personal Targets #Personaltargets

You should have personal targets. I focus on targets in business. You like to become another position in your company - it's an personal target. You like finish your project successful - it's an business & personal target. You like update all of your specification within the next 3 months - it's your personal target.

It depends on your relation to the business and your company. The more intensive it is the less is the difference between business and personal targets.

To make targets transparent you first should consider who are your business partners and which products / contributions you deliver to them. It's a simple stakeholder analysis.

To all of your business partners you give a contribution. With that they can do their work. Simply, that is a organizational system. And you should know very well who are your stakeholders / business partners, with which competence you give a contribution to them and what you are enabling on the stakeholders site.

You can make it transparent in an easy table.

If you know exactly who your business partners / stakeholders are, which requirements they have and respectively which product / services you deliver, you know your targets very well.

3. Events to be prepared

You might carry out a meeting or an event, there are meetings you have to present something or there reporting dates. Whatever, those are events they need to be prepared. The target is to be ready right in time.

4. Tasks of meetings and projects

Everyone of us meets others. Together you define tasks and assign it. To you as well. If you agreed to the task and the due date, its your target as well.

Feel free to put your experience in a comment to this blog.

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