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Guardian of my Time

You are not alone when you are sitting in front of your time schedule and you struggle to find time for your things to do. Designing something, emails, writing a article, planning the next company event, making a strategy of your department and so on. A lot to do, but no time.

Most important we should never forget, it’s our time.

People they want to meet with me are just asking to get your time. People they need things from me asking me to do the things.

For sure, often they don’t ask. It is the most normal in the world that we have time for their issues. But it isn’t. I am the guardian of my time.

Start to find out for which topics you need what time. Make some statistics for some weeks. You will see a regularity. And find out as well when is the best time to do this issues. Block that time when you know you are creative or when you can do your tasks best, your week planning and so on.

If you are very busy the day don‘t forget your co-workers and colleagues. We are working in a system of human beings. And we need to spend time with each other to work efficient. Reserve a fix time for them as well so they can use it or not.

The most important, don’t forget your family. They are the most important to us, I guess.

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